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March 17, 2018

One of the things I'm passionate about is the daily news and politics of NPS - it harks back to my political staffer days before FOMO and not having an EOBD (when I started in politics, there were no cellphones nor crazy text shorthand.)


But with the advent of Google alerts, my obsession with nuances of governmental and political goings-on has been satiated by a daily email summary of National Park Service headlines (Google Alert - "national parks").  I know, I'm obsessed, checking email between  2:03 - 3:04 pm each day in hopes of that update and learn the headlines around the country on anything that has the words National Parks.


I've been sharing a few daily headlines that could be interesting over on my Facebook page, and although it may not be a top priority for many, it seems to bring attention to news they'd like to know. So, I have an idea that I'd like to

 pitch out there.


From the research I've done, it seems there isn't a news repository other than a daily email of headlines to sort through - some of which isn't relevant. 


And those of us who love National Parks might value a curated weekly summary of news headlines to keep up with the Political, Legislative, or other musings of the National Parks to keep up on the news of the week, that seems to be changing more often than we'd like. So here's the thought:



Would you or someone you know be interested in a weekly email newsletter of carefully curated headlines of

the NPS-relevant news, guest columns, park profiles, people-who-love-parks profiles and some pretty pictures?


What if it were a podcast? A youtube channel?


It sounds like an undertaking, for sure. But it also sounds super fun and a project I'm considering pursuing. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome and appreciated.


So, whaddaya think?


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