Happiness on the road includes eating well with Thunderbird Bars

August 29, 2017


As a serial roadtripper, photographer and hiker, it’s always difficult to find snacks that meet my criteria: one, aren’t messy; two, are real food based and healthy; and three, are easy to travel with (don’t melt, still worth eating after it’s flattened in the bottom of my backpack, etc.)

A few months ago, I posted a photo of my go-to snack bar – the hazelnut + coffee + maca bar, created by Thunderbird Bar. This bar is a solid stand in for breakfast on the road, or the perfect snack to soothe a chocolate craving. They graciously reached out and asked if I’d be interested in taking their other bars out for a spin – and I’m so glad they did!


With a wide variety of flavorful combinations to choose from, Thunderbird bars are the perfect balance of snacking, energy bar, and small meal that will tie you over while on the road or the trail. They’re nutty, fruity with the perfect crunch and chew that satisfies the tummy and the mind.


While out on the trail, my favorite was the hemp + sunflower + pumpkin seed – a hearty bar that didn’t mind being getting hot and a little smashed by gear in the pack – which proved a great stand-in until I returned to camp for a full meal. The cherry+walnut+cinnamon was a perfect dessert, not too sweet but a satisfying treat.


When I’m home in the heart of Texas, I lean toward locally crafted items, and these bars check that box as well. Created in Austin, by athletes looking for the same thing I was – an awesome bar made with real food for clean eating. These bars have everything – they’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo, non-gmo, no added sugar, soy and dairy free, and are amazing delicious to the point of craving.



Thanks so much, Thunderbird Bars! I’m a huge fan for life!


Want some? Go to www.thunderbirdbar.com

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